October 19, 2017
Eastman Business Park

Eastman Business Park

Our vision is to build a premier research organization that is a catalyst in enabling the discovery and development of innovative and affordable therapies for unmet medical needs.

We believe that a talented, dedicated and empowered team is critical to our ability to deliver the best solutions and value to our customers, and the best returns to our shareholders. Our organization is committed to the highest standards of quality, scientific excellence, service and ethics, and fosters a culture that recognizes and rewards commitment and excellence. Individual projects are executed based on sound scientific principles, and using modern synthetic and process tools, state of the art facilities, equipment and instrumentation, and over two decades of accumulated experience in synthetic and process chemistry.

To understand our customers’ needs and strategy, we ask many questions, all of which provide us with the right information to devise work plans that best address their overall goals and objectives. We create work plans that are flexible enough to be adapted to changes required by a customer’s evolving development programs and regulatory requirements beyond the project at hand. In doing so, we help establish long term partnerships with our clients that stretch beyond single project-based engagements.

We understand that our customers’ most valuable asset is their intellectual property and know-how. We are committed to their utmost protection and to confidentiality at all times.

We offer chemistry and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Process chemistry
  • Rapid response custom synthesis of APIs and intermediates
  • Preformulation services to screen and select developable API physical forms
  • Crystallization process development