October 19, 2017

Crystallization development and optimization

Crystallization represents a key unit operation in the manufacturing of a wide range of fine chemicals, including pharmaceutical solids. Besides separation and purification of multi-component mixtures, the control of crystallization processes is uniquely critical for achieving the control of such important characteristics as the polymorphic form of the material, its crystal habit/morphology, and the particle size distribution, all of which may greatly impact the downstream processing of the material and its overall quality.

OKAPI Chemtech offers crystallization development and optimization services to deliver robust, scalable processes suitable for controlling the physical properties of your materials (APIs, intermediates and other fine chemicals). We also welcome small projects of limited scope that are intended to help troubleshoot issues encountered during scale-up or manufacturing campaigns, and will work closely with your process engineers and pilot plant operations personnel to deliver rapid troubleshooting solutions and material characterization data for production batches.